Our trainers are not only experts in training and professional development, they are also auto industry veterans with decades of experience in a variety of dealership positions.

  • Scott Murray

    Scott’s degree in education combined with his diverse background in the automotive industry make him a dynamic and versatile trainer.

  • Tom Asher

    Dedicated and experienced, Tom takes pride in helping dealerships and their staff perform to the very best of their abilities.

  • Steve Muffley

    Determined and engaged, Steve has been a developer of skills in the automobile industry for over 19 years.

  • Christine Snuggs

    Motivated by what people can become, Christine has enjoyed 18 years in the automotive industry in variable operations, recruiting, and training and development.

  • Paul Lauderdale

    Specifically tactical, and driven by performance growth, Paul works to establish continuity between departments, processes, and associates.

  • Newell Peck

    With 20 years in automotive sales and management and one of the first GSFSGroup Performance Development Managers, Newell prides himself on his ability to help o