Develop the skills of your Sales Staff to increase volume & profit.

The included best performance practices will support your customer satisfaction, volumes, gross margin, department relationships, customer loyalty and retention. 

Delivered by our Sales Professionals, this learning targets all career sales professionals, regardless of their time in the industry. As a result of these tactical sessions the dealer leadership should plan for, and expect, increases in key metrics that measure success in the Sales Department. The Salesperson will discover the professional sales and presentation skills to set them apart from the everyday practices. From making and delivering on client promises, to preventing objections, your team cannot afford to miss this journey through mastering sales and client interactions.  It’s a great starting point for those just entering their sales careers, and an incredible next step to improving the results of your seasoned sales consultant.

Attendees exit GSFSGroup Virtual Training Sessions and Live Training Seminars excited and ready to execute their new performance behaviors.

Sales Foundations is a four day seminar that will deliver tactical support for increased sales volume, adding the key components that drive loyalty and retention of your customer base.

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